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Donald from Switzerland collects tropical fruit trees, knows all about the snakes and caimans of the region, and is an active birdwatcher. He enjoys giving you a guided tour around the botanical garden of the lodge. He likes to practice Kick-boxing and Jiu - Jitsu with his guests


Wadee from Central Thailand is a classic Thai cuisine chef, and also has some excellent dishes of the northeastern part of Thailand on her menu. She knows the local shamans and organizes Ayahuasca Ceremonies. Her hobby is nail painting.


Kik from Thailand is in charge of the general housekeeping. She is Thai cook, she also prepares the American breakfast and mixes Pisco sour at its best. She organizes tours to the jungle and teaches hammock weaving.


Elvira helps in the kitchen, and will prepare you the famous local drink "masato", a drink made of fermented yucca, if you let her know 3 days in advance to allow for sufficient alcoholic fermentation.


Cleans the rooms of the bungalows


Is the digital whizzkid who makes sure she finds enough time in b etween her tasks as director of the language and cultural association El Arte Sano in Urubamba, Cusco to visit Donald and Wadee every now and then and keep the website updated from a distance.


Current developer of this website.



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