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The new web developer Matthias Voigt

Matthias Voigt is now the new developer of the Anaconda Lodge website.

You can find his website here.


The mysterious disapperance of Alexander Marxgut

Alexander Marxgut, a computer expert and fotografer from Austria stayed 5 months with us at Anaconda Lodge to improve our webpage. After taking many pictures he disappeard and we are still waiting for the results.


Anaconda Lodge gets a raving review in top Peruvian newspaper!

We love Peru, the rainforest and sharing information, so in this section we collect the latest news about the lodge, to give you a better idea of who are and what we're up to.

After a refreshing rainy season, Anaconda Lodge is back and is doing better than ever! From the outset, the owners Donald and Wadee imagined their lodge to be just that bit different from the other big lodges in the area, and they strive to offer their visitors a very personal service, with an additional emphasis on the quality of the bungalows and the Thai food. The hard work they have spent on their dream seems to be paying off, according to well-known journalist Alvaro Rocha, who mentioned Anaconda Lodge in his article in Somos, the weekly supplement that comes with the biggest Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, in the second week of May. The article starts with: "Wadee told me to take off my shoes. I was breaking an Oriental rule. So I took them off. It was then when I suddenly noticed the swimmingpool peeping through the surrounding trees. "Can I jump in the pool naked?, I asked Wadee." "Of course! she responds without hesitating." And to sum up the good experience the journalist had at the lodge he writes: "This place totally exceeds your expectations. They let you jump in the pool naked and their bungalows are surrounded by jungly vegetation, but one of its strongest points really is the delicious food prepared by Thai co-owner and chef Wadee." Recognition makes the hard work completely worth it!


Exciting new tours and opportunities at the lodge!

In the last few weeks we have been busy trying out our new kayak tours, and are now very proud to announce that the guests who have been on our unique kayaktours on the rivers around Puerto Maldonado, have given us excellent feedback. Now that's the way to experience the jungle! For prices and information about the 1-day tours and complete 3/4 day packages, have a look at this page. The other news is about the renewed volunteering opportunities at the lodge; we´ve decided to change the costs for volunteers that choose to work part-time, and offer the option for volunteers that work full-time, to stay for free! So if you have a spirit for adventure and the jungle is calling you, don't hesitate to come and volunteer with us for a while. Full details can be found here.


The Austrian Josef Pichler and his wife Renate

The Austrian Josef Pichler and his wife Renate were guests at Anaconda Lodge for one week. Josef is travelling the Interoceanica highway on his 990 KTM motorbike. He is making a movie about this highway and is writing a book about it "With the motorbike around the world". More information at They enjoyed their stay at Anaconda Lodge so much that they decided to stay much longer than just the 1 night they had planned for


A new pizza oven

The Anaconda Lodge got a new pizza oven. Enjoy a fresh baked pizza at the pool!


Tropical music video shot at the Lodge

The Peruvian salsa band "Madera Fina" chose the lodge as the setting for the video of their latest song! Have a look at the video!

The jungle is for everyone

Anaconda Lodge has camping spaces with all necessary hygiene services to make your classic camping stay very comfortable. The price of camping is 20 soles a night per person.


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